For us, Paestum is a spectacle of majesty and grandeur,
one of the greatest architectural treasures of Magna Grecia,
a memory of the centuries when Poseidonia was one
of the richest and flourishing colonies of southern Italy.

The Francesco Vastola farm is quite near the Paestum archaeological site
and from our fields we can see the walls, that extend themselves
for over 4,5km and are interrupted by 4 doors
and punctuated by towers and small passages.

The temple dedicated to Hera, a god dear to Achaeans
who founded Sybaris, the temple of Neptune,
whose dedication is still uncertain today, the Amphitheater,
still only partially excavated, the Greek Agora that surrounds
a meeting place that once was called “ekklesiasterion”,
and the Temple of Ceres or Athena, goddess of war.

Pure passion and love for our land,
these are the things that nourish our production.